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Since eBay Israel is directly tied to eBay’s core strategy, you can impact the lives of tens of millions of people around the world.

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we have Huge Data

With over 1.2 billion ready-to- buy items at eBay.

Where AI meets e-Commerce

Our data-driven product solutions
are based on ML, NLP, IR, Taxonomy management and Computer Vision.

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eBay Israel R&D center is a key site among other sites of the global company, and is a leader in research, development & innovation arrays, which are at the forefront of technology.

"I've worked with Big Data before, and I can truly say that the scope here is completely different"

Yan Gleyzer, Tech Lead

"eBay is home, family and great technology"

Seif Ibrahim, Backend developer

“The Israeli site is a place that in which you impact the experience of buying and selling”

Hadas Porat, Product Matching & Adoption Team Lead

“eBay for me is good people and interesting technological challenges”

Christine Nasser, Backend Developer

“eBay is a corporate that's accessible and human”

Doron Kruh, Senior Programmer

"It's great to know that what we develop here, influences the shopping experience of hundreds of millions of users"

Maytal Messing, Researcher

"The technologies we use are the most innovative and simply the best"

Omer Keynan, Backend developer

Hour of Code

eBay office 17.12.18

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Happy Hanukkah!

Holocaust survivors' homes 04.12.18

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Code Retreat

eBay office 15.11.18

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Sander’s pickles

eBay office 14.11.18

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Basketball Tournament

eBay Basketball court 28.11.18

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The eBay way meetup

eBay office 31.10.18

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PM day with Consul

eBay office 25.10.18

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Unistream Hackathon

eBay 15.08.18

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Bug Shower time!

eBay 29.07.18

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Innovation at eBay

eBay 10.06.18

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