eBay Israel R&D center

is a key site among other sites of the global company, and is a leader in research, development & innovation arrays, which are at the forefront of technology.

We do not have Big Data. We have HUGE data!
Our R&D center offers you a great playground – whether you are a SW engineer, analyst or researcher. With over 1.2 billion items, all ready-to-buy, you can be sure that your day-to-day job will be super dynamic and interesting.

You get an opportunity to create a HUGE Impact
Each employee has a meaningful contribution to eBay’s platform and thus to the whole shopping experience. Our unique cultural organization offers you an opportunity to create an impact not only on internal processes, but also on the lives of tens of millions of people around the world, by delivering eBay’s core strategy. Great responsibility, isn’t it?

What we do and how do we do that?
Usually, we take ideas and prototypes from various deep learning disciplines, we combine them with the product requirements and bring new, data driven product solutions to customers. Among our areas of expertise, which we are the leaders at, you can find machine learning, NLP, information extraction, entity recognition, taxonomy management and computer vision.

Diversity is how we plan, act and think
We believe that diverse teams lead to best results. This is why you can find different people in each team, from different backgrounds, marital status and more. However, they all have one thing in common: they are all really GREAT PEOPLE!

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Diversity is much more than a slogan

We don’t just believe in integrating women in Tech. We are active about it on a regular basis via the eBay global program: eWIT- Women in Tech, which includes the following arrays:

Mentoring Program
Is a relationship between two people, aiming for professional and personal development.
Any employee, who is interested, can join the mentorship program – either as a mentor or as a mentee. Our goal is to assist the mentee in various areas, such as balancing work and home, improving communication skills, leadership etc.

Lean-In Circles
This program offers growth to each employee – it helps you learn new skills and tools in small groups of women who meet on a regular basis. Each team works together on mutual interests such as communication skills, Work-Life Balance, Career planning etc. The circles enable sharing of stories and learning from each other in a safe environment.

Speakers Series
We believe that empowering should be based on inspiring people – and lectures are a great way to do so. All employees are encouraged to hear lectures that take place in our office.

We are working in several channels in the community: Assisting female 7th graders in science class, collaborating with NGOs in order to assimilate youth in STEM via hackathons, mentoring, and much more.

"I've worked with Big Data before, and I can truly say that the scope here is completely different"

Yan Gleyzer, Tech Lead

"eBay is home, family and great technology"

Seif Ibrahim, Backend developer

“The Israeli site is a place that in which you impact the experience of buying and selling”

Hadas Porat, Product Matching & Adoption Team Lead

“eBay is a corporate that's accessible and human”

Doron Kruh, Senior Programmer

"It's great to know that what we develop here, influences the shopping experience of hundreds of millions of users"

Maytal Messing, Researcher

"As employees, we enjoy the organization and conduct of a big international company, but at the same time, it’s a dynamic company"

Techiya Brukner, programmer in the integration team

"You are constantly challenged with things you don’t know and find new areas to learn and develop"

Jonatan Kedar, SEO Team Product Manager

"I think one of the greatest things about eBay, is that the company really emphasizes community and involvement"

Michal Romi, Sr. Manager – Core-AI Data Operations

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