Talk Data to me

21.01.20 Dizzy Frishdon. Tel Aviv All Events

Wow, what a night it has been!
Neither rain nor traffic stopped us, and the Dizzy Frishdon was fully packed!

During the event, employees of eBay Israel R&D Center shared their world of content, challenges and work processes with the crowd.
Liran, the senior data analyst on the Structured Data team, who among else is responsible for data mining and defining KPIs for all of the Structure Data teams, talked about his work challenges with Huge Data.
Hila, our Business Data Analyst, who is responsible, among other things, for defining methodology and analyzing opportunities in the Structured Data field, talked about “How to stay in focus while working with Huge Data”.
Ohad, who leads the Project Analysis team, shared his insights about “How to establish measurable targets in the working environment”.

It was a fascinating evening!