Hadas Porat - Product Matching & Adoption Team Lead

Hadas has been on eBay for 7 years. She is married with twins, lives in Yavne, and
she is crazy about Mocca, her Golden Retriever dog. eBay for Hadas is a place that in which you impact the experience of buying and selling.

Hello Hadas! So, what do you do in eBay?
“As team lead in Product Matching, I manage a team of five employees, who are responsible for all development, from planning (which is done with the product manager), through choosing the right architecture, all the way to releasing a new version. The system we are developing is comprised of several algorithms, and it helps buyers to see what they are looking for when they get to a product page. From the seller’s side, our system finds the most suitable item in the catalog, according to the data he inputs in the site. We use Machine Learning models, but also simpler algorithms.”

Why did you decide to join eBay?
“The company made a good impression on me, starting with the first interview. I’ve found a wonderful group of developers, that I knew I can learn a lot from. I’ve felt that eBay is a technology-focused organization, with a rich infrastructure in which terabytes of info are being processed. eBay is a big international company, and it makes a great place to explore career opportunities. I know I made the right choice.”

Tell us about your journey in the company.
“I started as a young developer in 2010, immediately after I’ve gotten my BSc in software engineering from Ben Gurion University. After year, I’ve become a Scrum Master, and in 2016 I moved up to my current position. eBay is a great place to further your career – there are many opportunities and people are motivating you to succeed. I’ve had great managers over the years, and they have given me a lot of advice and support, and really helped me to get to where I am today.”

How does your typical day look?
“Morning is time when I investigate problems, take a look at the team’s coding, think of new developments and designs. Later during the day I am usually in meetings, regarding current assignments and also about future plans. It’s important to me to spend as much time as possible with my team, although I admit it’s not always achievable.”

What’s your favorite thing about working in eBay?
“Even though we are a corporate, each team has its own “product”, which means a lot of latitude and the ability to influence, change things and lead the way – not many other companies offer these opportunities. Also, there’s a lot of teamwork between operations, devs and product managers. Developers do more than get a specs document and code – they are a part of the process. Every day is full of challenges, but you can manage your own time. If you prefer to be with your children in the afternoon and work when they sleep – it’s really up to you.”

Many thanks, Hadas!