Igor Tverie - Hot Products Track Lead

The last time we chatted with Igor, way back when in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, he was juggling work and his first-born, while his wife was pregnant.
Today, we are happily congratulating him on the birth of his second son.
Here’s our interview with Igor Tverie

Name: Igor Tverie
Position: Hot Products Track Lead in the IL catalog operations team.
You Should know: He came to us four years ago, straight after 10 years of army service, which he finished as Captain.
He still serves actively in reserve duty and being called upon frequently.



Hi Igor, tell us what do you do in eBay?

I lead the Hot Product track as a part of structured data operations team. Our goal is to make sure the websites’ catalog has all the newest products and that they are available to our sellers and buyers community. We are constantly monitoring new products: we locate the products we think people should see on the website, we insert them into the catalog in the best configuration possible, and we make sure they are accessible in different languages. During the last couple of months we had Apple and Samsung product launches. Those are usually huge events that influence thousands of buyers and sellers. Although the main launch events were canceled, due to Covid-19,the products were released to the market only via the official Apple Site and we held our part in supporting this launch. The products are now live on the site and surface in many of our experiences.

How did you get to eBay and your line of work?

After 10 years in the military, I got discharged as Captain. I started studying Industrial Engineering. I knew I wanted to combine work with my studies, in order to gain experience. I saw an eBay ad – they were looking for Analysts. I came for an interview and got accepted as an intern BI Analyst in the business division of eBay Israel. I worked in this position until I finished my Masters in Business Management.

It was a real shocker for me. Working in eBay immediately after years of service in the IDF was a different challenge, but also a cool one. To this day, when I do reserve duty, I can utilize knowledge from work while I serve in the army and vice versa – sometimes the structured thinking of a military man can help my job, especially when it comes to process management. Since then, I moved on to the structured data team. My biggest challenge was to learn a completely new environment – structured data is a very complex and interesting world.

What are the challenges you are facing these days?

Today’s challenges revolve around performing processes automatically and combining them with BI tools. When we investigate which new products we need to create, we try to bring information from different sources around the web and to internally shorten operation times.

Why eBay?

For me, it’s because eBay always allows us to learn and cooperate with different teams and people from different backgrounds. I love diversity. I am very happy that not everybody is from the same background or location. More than that, the knowledge base that’s available in eBay is one of the biggest in the world – hundreds of millions of products in hundreds of thousands of categories. It’s very challenging to find ways to leverage this diverse information to something that contributes to our seller and buyer communities. Also, the company is very attentive to its workers and allows flexibility. It’s very supportive of my family and reserve duty and always find solutions to combine it with my work. Some days, I finish work and go straight to the army for reserve duty.

Above everything else, it’s the people. Technology and high-tech are fun, but when you come to work every day (well, not these days…), you enjoy the company of good people, who communicate openly and in a straightforward manner. You learn a lot and you can also share knowledge with others.

How are you dealing with these days?

It’s challenging and it’s not easy. There’s no kindergartens. My wife is pregnant and still working. She goes to work and I stay home with our 2-year old son. I need to manage my day correctly. I know when my son needs my undivided attention. Sometimes, when there’s no other choice, he joins me at meeting, and he is very well behaved during those.

eBay is very flexible when it comes to working from home in this situation. Everyone is in the same boat. We all need to plan and divide the day and create anchors in the team level. On the other hand, we have times in which we find it difficult to work, so we ask our peers and managers not to schedule meetings in those time slots. We can deliver more easily, because we work with the US team, so the time difference actually helps. We try to stick with the routine with meetings, and we hope it all ends soon and we can go back to the real routine.

Igor, thanks for sharing!
We hope we can grow and develop together, and to go back to our normal routine soon!