Matias Szuchman - Track Lead

He keeps delivering from home and he’s not going to stop!
Today in #The_People_of_eBay, please welcome Matias Szuchman

Name: Matias Szuchman
Position: Track Lead of the Motors Category
You should know that he… Was born in Argentina, lives in Kefar Saba, has been in Israel for 10 years, 4 of which he spent in eBay Israel’s R&D Center.

Hey Matias, tell us what it is you do on eBay.
I am Track Lead of Motors on the Verticals team. Before that, I worked on the Top Top Products project.

Top Top?
Yes, the best of the best products. We receive information about the best selling products, and those who have the best performance on Search, and we make them even better. We enrich them and make sure the product page looks good on the website. This project directly affects the customer’s experience.

Interesting! How did you get to your position on eBay?
I’ve loved computers and coding my entire life. I tried a few things before coming to eBay. Right after high school, I started working as an IT professional in the Argentinean Treasury department. When I made Aliyah, I started studying in a preparatory program for new immigrants, while working in the IT department of the Hebrew University. I also got my Business Management, Sociology and Anthropology degree there. After that, I worked as a bank teller. During breaks, I studied coding from books, mostly Java, just for fun.

One day, my wife got a call and was offered a job on eBay. She told them she wasn’t interested, but recommended me. When I arrived for the interview, I knew immediately this is where I want to work, no matter what, and I said that to the recruiters.

At the beginning, I studied SQL and Structured Data, and learned how to become a Data Manager. After a while, I was a part of bigger and more interesting projects. Today I am Track Lead in a team that’s responsible for improving and optimizing information in the product catalog, while also making it accessible to the customers.

Why eBay?
There are so many reasons. It’s a company that changed my life. Through all my years here, I was always given support and encouraged to develop professionally and personally. I could join courses that weren’t always directly related to my work, and I was also encouraged to improve my soft skills.

Then there are the people. It’s wonderful to work in a group of people who appreciate one another, love working, always happy to help and do it all with a smile on their faces.

What challenges you at work?
When I just started, most of the challenges were around learning. We had new challenges every day in the support team, because we got questions from different places – from the company and from the sellers – so I had to understand the systems quickly and thoroughly. I learned a lot, especially the technical side and how it relates to business.

These days, the challenges revolve mainly around the huge amounts of data we work with. It’s a challenge, because every little mistake replicates automatically in many places, and makes the problem worse. It means you need to pay attention to details and be aware of how your actions influence other elements. It’s a huge system and there are a lot of teams working on the data. The challenge lies in understanding that even though you are just a tiny part of the system, you’re still an important part that influences hundreds of thousands of sellers and buyers on eBay, who make an honest living through our system.

What are you drinking?
This is Mate. It’s like tea. I always drink it in the office, and now at home…

How are you these days?
It’s challenging. My wife and I are at home with a two-year old kid. We’ve converted one room into an office and we need to be very flexible. eBay supports us fully in this situation, I am happy to say. We continue to deliver but we are very flexible with the hours. The company considers us as human beings – not just workers. We also got some cool gift baskets, which is wonderful and heartwarming.

Matias, thanks for sharing! Hopefully we’ll beat the challenges and continue to grow and develop. We wish you, your family and all of us, lots of health.