Sasha Chernishev - software developer in TMS team

She came to us four years ago with all of her friends from the university, and has been growing and developing ever since.
These days she’s starting her way in a new position, so we wanted to wish her well and we proudly present Sasha Chernishev: a software developer from our TMS team.

  • She is 33 years old, married + 2 dogs
  • She Was raised in the Krayot, now lives in Ramat Gan
  • Graduated with honors from Haifa University, has a BSc in Information and Data Systems


What do you do?
These days I’m a software developer in the TMS team. We develop tools to manage eBay’s taxonomy – those are the terms through which we try to describe listings and products on eBay, with the intention of creating a uniform language, that can connect the sellers and the buyers. Our tools are used by data designers on eBay, which include teams in the US, London and Israel, and also in India and Eastern Europe. The information produced in the systems is used all over eBay – from sales apps to the search function.

How did you get to eBay?
I’ve loved computers ever since I was young. My father is an IT man, and we’ve always had a PC at home. At the age of 20, I started prep school, met some friends and graduated with them. One of them became my husband.
As a student, I started working in different high-tech jobs. I came to eBay when a friend from the university called upon me to join. There were already four of us here – friends that graduated together. I started on the Integration team (ETL). My job was mainly to operate and maintain existing processes, and at first we didn’t do much development or improvement. In time, and with the help of our great manager, we got more responsibility and we became a full development team. I became Scrum Master and Agile Lead of the team. Four years after that, I transfered to TMS.

What do you find challenging?
At first, the challenges were mainly about technological development and my personal learning. I didn’t come from the world of development, and I had a lot to learn. As the SM, the challenge was to study the subject and to accompany the team’s transfer to Agile. We did that well, I am happy to say. On top of that, I was learning about the responsibility of P.M. and that was a fascinating time. 

My current position is very challenging and there’s a lot of growth and learning included. I chose this position in order to learn more about development and leverage myself as a developer. The team is responsible for central processes in eBay, it’s very strong technologically and my peers are very professional and supportive.

How are you dealing with the coronavirus?
So far it’s been a positive experience. Working with Zoom is good, and I think my productiveness wasn’t impaired – it might have even improved. The team meets on Zoom on a regular basis and there’s a very good feeling of cooperation all along the way.

The year is 2020, but high-tech is still dominated by men.
I know there’s a male majority, but I have to say I’ve never felt any difference in my position or in the way I was treated as a woman, especially in eBay. The company has no gender bias whatsoever. I feel anyone can find their place here and be very comfortable. In the past few years, I participated in some of eBay’s empowerment programs. It’s very important to me that the company is trying to raise awareness of high-tech among women, and I hope it has an impact and that more women choose this path and find themselves working in this field.

What’s your message to women who want to work in high-tech?
Dare! Try! The sky’s the limit in high-tech and there are a lot of fields and areas to work in. Bring yourselves, and your strengths, and it will always produce good results. Project management, IT, devops, software development – any woman can find something that interests her.

Why eBay?
Because I have been a user ever since I was 16 :). I knew the company and loved its product since I was a teenager. When I got the chance to work here, I was delighted. I’ve felt at home since day one, I had a manager who identified my strengths and directed me well, allowing me to grow. Generally speaking, it’s a company that encourages its employees to grow, team-wise and firm-wise. I took courses and was exposed to technologies and opportunities I didn’t know existed.
Also, eBay is very advanced technologically. During my four years here, I got to oversee the transition of tools to microservices and Kafka, and these days our processes are a lot smarter, more flexible and controlled. We have great professionals here, and we all support each other and grow together.

Sasha, thank you.
We’re glad to have you. We wish you all the best in your new position and we hope to grow and develop our product and our great professionals.