Seif Ibrahim - Backend Developer

Seif has been on eBay for 13 years. During this time he had 4 different roles. He has an adorable 2-year old girl, and he makes it a priority to have quality time with her on his short workdays. For him, eBay is home, family and great technology. But don’t take our word for it – read his point of view about that.

Hi, Seif, we heard you commute 4 hours a day to get to work and back. How did we manage to keep you for 13 years?
“When I was a student, I started as an analyst in shopping.com, the year it was bought by eBay. I’ve been through a lot of changes in eBay and in my professional life, I switched 4 positions, and what really keeps me here is the organizational culture and the team spirit. eBay has good people, good friends and the company invests in you – through new technologies, courses etc. eBay gives you the tools to succeed”.

What do you love hear at eBay so much?
“Many things. One is being able to work with the newest technologies. In eBay, we work with an array of technologies like Java, Spring Boot, NodeJS, React, Kafka, MongoDB and more. Another advantage is the huge scale of data, and because it’s eBay, any line of code touches millions of users, so code quality is important and challenging. Moreover, there’s diversification: I deal with many aspects – the buyer’s, the seller’s, the mobile apps… Everything. I also feel like there’s a start-up atmosphere in the teams. The work is dynamic, decision making is quick and lastly, there’s great flexibility so you can work from home. Because I live far from work, I work from home every Thursday, and I go out early when I need to”.

Is it true your team got the title “DiversiTeam”?
“Yes, we have a diverse team. I am a Druze, we have a Christian, an Arab, Jews – everything. It’s a special, very accepting team. For example, if we go out to eat, and I can’t sit in a place that sells alcohol, for religious reasons, no one minds simply going somewhere else”.

What did you develop in eBay thus far?
“A lot, actually. I developed apps and in-house tools for shortening and automating processes over a large scale. I developed a service that helps our teams understand, for example, which car parts fit which car and this helps our sellers to understand what car can use the parts they sell. I was also a part of a team that developed a service that improved an inner system – before the service, the system took 2 weeks to upload a product to eBay’s site – today it takes fifteen minutes”.

Very impressive! Thanks, Seif!