Yael Shiff - Backend Developer

Yael is on the Search & Browse team, and has been with eBay for 3 years. She started as an analyst and changed course to become a developer. In high-school she was in the music department, no less. She is also married, has one child and another one on the way 🙂

Hi Yael, what are you working on these days?
“I am in the middle of a very significant project for eBay – creating a unison user experience on the platform – whether you land on a product page using a search engine or via eBay’s internal filters. My team is responsible for creating and maintaining unified landing and search pages (browse nodes). This is an automatic process – every day new pages are created in accordance to eBay’s inventory.”

How do you create a unison user experience in a platform whose inventory is based on seller’s content?
“It is a great challenge. That’s why we created a smart system, which can take the huge amounts of data we have, and create the exact info for each page. For example, our system knows to fit the items on sale on each page, the best picture, update the meta data, choose the exact title and make these pages work on external search engines and our in-site search.”

Sounds fascinating! What do YOU like best in your day-to-day?
“First of all, I love coding. Secondly, our Browse Nodes system is decentralized, and has a lot of small components, so you need to think about the backstage design of it – which raises a lot of challenges. We are always debating design and architecture and there are many solutions. The solutions can be great for a time, but then some new needs pop up and we try to think a million steps ahead, so we won’t need to make too many changes in the future.”

How does being a mom and a developer work for you?
“eBay offers a lot of flexibility. On the one hand, you are expected to deliver results and meet the objectives. On the other hand, there are longer days and shorter days that allow you to be with your family, and it really helps to have this flexibility.”

Thanks Yael and good luck!